CHIPS is a utility token and profit sharing platform intended for usage within decentralized gaming applications running on the Tron Network. The first program scheduled for integration will be the highly anticipated TRXas HODL’em poker platform with a scheduled launch date of Q3 2019.

Benefits of Decentralized Gaming on Tron Blockchain

No Banks

Remove the need for banks when depositing or withdrawing currency


Experience faster deposits and withdrawals when gaming on a decentralized gaming platform

Profit Sharing

Our decentralized gaming platforms distribute the majority of profits back to the users in many different ways

Mass Adoption

Gaming DApps may be simple, but there is no denying their contribution to blockchain and cryptocurrency

Gaming History

With blockchain technology it is easy to privately track and prove your winnings or losses

Dollar Decline

Over the past century the USD has declined by approximately 95% in value. Crypto is the future

Gaming Platforms: TRXas HODL'em

TRXas HODL'em shall be available to play initially through the Tronlink Chrome extension, and eventually through standalone mobile applications. There will be six different game types:

1. Cash Games (TRX & CHIPS)

2. Sit and Go (TRX & CHIPS)

3. Tournaments (TRX & CHIPS)

4. Sponsored Tables (TRX, CHIPS, or TRX based token)

5. Monthly Tournament (CHIPS)

6. TRXas HODL'em World Poker Series(CHIPS)


The concept for a poker gaming client on the blockchain was born from the inherent benefits when compared to traditional online gaming platforms. Specifically:

1. Faster Deposits and Withdrawals

2. Ultra-low transfer fees

3. Automated community incentives

4. Transparency and accountability

5. Table and chip customization

6. Integration of unconventional currencies


***COMING SOON*** The CHIPS Token team is proud to announce that the first game of CHIPS ARCADE, CHIPS...MAN, will be merging onto the already successful TronGameCenter platform!

CHIPS Token holders will be able to play the game with CHIPS on android devices and have a chance at daily top-score prizes!

There are more ideas in the making for new CHIPS ARCADE games!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Telegram for updates!

Meet The Team

Anthony Bersani

Chris Berry

Michael Bersani

Lucas Bayle


The L1 Crew
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